Montag, 29. Februar 2016

Perfect red lips for your skin

The red  lipstick has been an iconic beauty staple from ancient Egyptians
using precious stones and bugs to queen Elizabeth I to Marilyn Monroe.
The red lipstick radiates strength and independence.
Woman and occasionally men have worn the crimson lip shade since make-up began, so why is it so hard to find that perfect red? Unfortunately not everyone can wear the dark, dreamy blood red or a bubbly bright, bold red.

Choosing the right red lipstick is about as fun as cleaning toilets. Seriously. I want to cry when I go
to the store and try to figure out which red lipstick is going to look best on me!
After long researching night's I created my own red lipstick "system".

Montag, 15. Februar 2016


Confidence is the foundation for everything in life and it is our confidence, or lack of, that directly affects HOW we do everything in life.
When we know and appreciate who we are, we feel great about ourselves and we make better choices and better decisions.
When we make better choices and better decisions, we create a better life for ourselves.
When we create a better life, we are much happier.
Everything is based on our self-confidence!

Montag, 8. Februar 2016

Stand Out From The Crowd

From childhood on our parents always told us to be different, to stand out from the crowd, to be yourself and nobody else.
But it is hard to be different, especially in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else.
Everyday is a challenge!
We get affected from the media-world.
Tumblr, Pinterest, Fashion Magazines, catwalks,... are the emperors of our world.

Samstag, 23. Januar 2016

The Intro

Hey there, this is Chiara.Anne a brand new blog with a brand new blogger!

 I want to share my passion for fashion, beauty and lifestyle, every monday.
I will open for you a window to my dreamy and colorful world.
So come with me and immerse yourself into my little world of fashion.